High-Efficiency Toilet Rebate

Terms & Conditions

  1. Funding is limited, and submitting a rebate application does not guarantee you will receive a rebate. Rebates will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis until funding is depleted. Residential consumers who purchase qualified residential toilets that are US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) WaterSense certified during the rebate offer period are eligible until rebate program funds are exhausted, or The Department of Water Resources issues a public notice closing the rebate offer period, whichever occurs first.
  2. Rebate amounts are subject to change at any time.
  3. Renters may be eligible to participate with written consent of a property owner. Renter's name must be on water bill.
  4. All rebated toilets are subject to on-site inspection.
  5. The Department of Water Resources is not responsible for any taxes, fees or tariffs that may be imposed as a result of toilets purchase.
  6. The Department of Water Resources makes no representation or warranty relating to toilets, including any hazardous substances that may be contained in the product.
  7. Applicant waives and releases the Department of Water Resources and its contractors or agents from any and all claims and causes of action arising out of the installation and use of devices pursuant to the Save Our Water Rebate Program.
  8. If installation cannot be verified, the applicant must reimburse the Save Our Water Program for rebates received and associated processing costs.
  9. A reduced water bill is not guaranteed.
  10. Please check the qualifying list of toilets. Only toilets listed on the qualifying list will be eligible for a rebate.
  11. Limit of one toilet rebate per address. The rebate may be used to replace a toilet flushing at more than 1.6 gallons per flush (gpf) with an approved toilet that uses 1.28 gpf or less and is WaterSense certified.
  12. All homes prior to 1992 with an original toilet qualify for replacement. Property owners with a home built after 1992 must certify that they are replacing a toilet flushing at more than 1.6 gpf.
  13. Applicant must purchase the toilet before submitting the rebate application.
  14. Toilet removal and replacement must be completed within 90 days of application approval.
  15. Rebate checks will become void 90 days after being issued.
  16. The program is consistent with California bond law, including an anticipated useful life of 15 years for all activities funded under this program.